Interactive Screen App

Website: http://interactive-screen.cominteractiv
Gründungsjahr: 2016
Branche: Medien/IT
Gründerteam: Moses Jame, Shaan Quadri

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Publicity stunts today are not complete without addressing Word Of Mouth. People now expect brands to know more about their target market via social media and this is best achieved through a rapid means of gathering research data from a tool such as Interactive Screen App. Interactive Screen App is a marketing tool that allows (Instagram, Twitter) users to have filtered social feeds in real time on one platform, which can then be used to show on multiple screens or simply be collected for research. This model is currently being run with a basic web¬hosting service. The user identifies the keywords that are relevant to the product/event. Then these keywords are used for hashtags and mentions. This will allow the Interactive Screen App tool to collect the relevant social feeds, which also serve as content reflecting Word Of Mouth about that product/event. Depending on the number of screens available to the user, this tool will create running content automatically.


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