Ent-Ex programm 2018 cologne

Ent-Ex entrepreneurship workshop​ in Cologne​ (18-20 June).

Das Entrepreneurhip Expierence Programm (kurz Ent-Ex)  bietet jugen Menschen die Chance in Workshops die Chance, ihre eigenen GründerInnen-Fähigkeiten auszubauen. Ent-Ex veranstaltet sein Programm in verschiedenen Ländern und ist zwischen dem 18.-20. Juni hier in Köln! Die Workshops werden in englischer Sprache angeboten!

Thinking about the right steps to take for your career? Ent-Ex helps young people (18-30 years old) learn first-hand from successful entrepreneurs the skills needed to be successful with your business. Join Ent-Ex and experience lots of learning, coaching & networking with like-minded European students and young professionals. ​Learn and develop entrepreneurial skills such as effective networking, project management, creative problem-solving, team working, resource management, etc. These skills are needed for working at companies and foudning your own start-up alike.

In an increasingly difficult employment market, young people need to differentiate themselves.

Exciting workshops

Join Ent-Ex in Cologne for an intensive 3 days of workshops and social activities. Here you’ll meet and learn from successful entrepreneurs, and with the help of our coaches, identify and develop the skills which have made them successful. At the final day you’ll have the chance to practice your networking skills, and present yourself or your business idea to local entrepreneurs, corporate managers, support agencies and local government representatives.

The European Institute for Industrial Leadership and its partners ​(GATEWAY, Cologne Chamber of Commerce, ESN, JADE, BEST and AEGEE) invite you to participate.

NO FEES for students – only 80€ for catering costs

Limited to 30 participants


Info and registration: http://ent-ex.eu/

Info & requirements

– No need to have created your own business or have a business idea
– Your background doesn’t matter
– You need to be between 18 and 30 years old, willing to get involved and to learn
– A maximum of 30 participants per venue
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