The goal of werdennachbarn.de is to lower the building costs with the new building of residential property around up to 30%. They would like to enable the possibility for more people to move into their own home.

Building of housing property in Germany is a very expensive venture. Here, building communities offer an alternative to a classic construction project via a general contractor or a property developer.
Building communities are created when several builders join forces and build together, i.e. apartments, detached houses, semi-detached houses or others.

Currently, building communities are still a little-used concept, because they are very complex and they require a lot of coordination, planning and initiative of those involved. Werdennachbarn.de simplifies and accelerates building in a building community and makes the concept accessible.
We bring building willing to each other and help them to get in contact by matching them on the basis of a criteria catalog.

Furthermore, we provide a framework of all necessary partners such as architects, banks, construction companies, etc. All partners will be checked by us for their ability and experience with regard to building communities. The building communities are then put in contact with the right partners at the right time, thus saving time and effort. In addition, we offer a platform through which planning, coordination, data exchange and project support is digitally implemented and simplified.

We accompany all building communities on their way to their own homes, provide advice and check the work of the respective partners so that each project comes to a successful conclusion.

team of founders:
Pauline Milde
Maximilian Mildness
Florian Falk