VYTAL was founded by Sven Witthöft, Dr. Fabian Barthel and Dr. Tim Breker (from left). The startup operates a digital reusable packaging system with premium, 100%-leak proof bowls for take-out and delivery food. We serve canteen operators, restaurants, supermarkets and delivery services that use our bowls in a Packaging-as-a-Service model and on a pay-per-filling basis. For consumers VYTAL is comparable to sharing services: Consumers register in our app or buy an offline member card to receive their food in our bowls and return them to any partner outlet where the bowls are locally cleaned. No cash-out or deposit is needed for the bowl because all transactions run digitally with smart labels and on our technology platform. This enables us to use nudging, incentives, gamification and promotions to motivate quick returns, thereby maximizing bowl utilization and sustainability impact.

Find more information on VYTAL at www.vytal.org and download our app to save packaging waste!