Teamname: UVIS
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Industry sector: Retail/ Innovative Products
Founded: 2016
Founding Team: Tanja Nickel, Katharina Obladen

What we do

UVIS UV-Innovative Solutions GmbH was founded in 2016 by the current managing directors Tanja Nickel and Katharina Obladen. The start-up’s innovative products are concerned with solutions for surface disinfection using UVC light. In addition to the patented ESCALITE disinfection module for escalator handrails, the company’s portfolio also includes customer-specific developments and consulting services for the use of UVC technology. The founders have been awarded several prestigious prizes in recent years, including the IDEE Förderpreis 2017 by J.J.Darboven, the only national award for innovative ideas for business start-ups by women.

Our vision

UVIS wants to take action against potential sources of infection with the help of the environmentally friendly method of UVC disinfection. The well-being and the safety of the users are to be increased by the employment of the products of UVIS.

Tips for those interested in setting up a business

The UVIS team advises those interested in setting up their own business to exchange ideas with consultants, experts and other founders as much as possible, for example by participating in a business plan competition. A good network and honest feedback form the basis for a good start in your own company.