Website: www.tavla.de
Founding: Q1 2016
Branche: eHealth / Assisted Living
Founders: Martin Petzold, Sascha Behnke, Florian Ertel, Mike Karst und weitere.

What we do

Europe is changing: the low birth rate and longer life expectancy will double the proportion of people over 65 from 17.4% to 29.5% by 2060. The relationship between these and the working population will thus increase and the costs of the health system will rise. This demographic change is therefore a challenge, but also offers opportunities. With the help of information and communication technology, innovative products can be developed that support seniors in their everyday lives and enrich them. At the same time, costs in the healthcare system can be reduced. However, this situation often creates a dilemma: On the one hand, senior citizens no longer want to do without the advantages of digital data processing and the numerous new services – on the other hand, there is the fear of data misuse, the end of privacy and the superiority of Internet companies.

TAVLA accepts this challenge and develops an innovative product for seniors. The goal of TAVLA is to improve the quality of life of seniors and their families by providing a platform for innovative home health and care services.


Wir sind Altenpflege:”Kölner Altenpflegetag 2016″

Awards and Recognitions:

Top 5: AAL Smart Ageing Challenge Prize (Europaweit)
Top 10: Businessplanwettbewerb start2grow
Top 10: Businessplanwettbewerb OWL startklar

Supported by EXIST (01.01.16 – 31.12.16)