SWARM Protein

Team name: Swarm Protein (Die Insektenjungs)
Branche: Food, Insect-business
Founding Team: Timo Bäcker, Christopher Zeppenfeld, Daniela Geiger
Facebook: Swarm Protein

What we do

We want to establish insects, first in the form of a fitness bar and later as part of other forms of food, as an accepted food source in Western culture. We want to offer ground insects from developing and emerging countries as a component of already accepted food and thus create healthy, ecologically and socially sustainable alternatives. For this we received the special prize “Social Innovation and Sustainable” in the hgnc Ideas Competition 2015.

What we are looking for

We are always interested in exciting and motivated people for an exchange at a delicious coffee shop. If you would like to talk to us about innovative food, insects, food start-ups (low- and high-tech) and opportunities for insect breeding in development aid, please contact us.

Publications in the press

Wirtschaftsjunioren:”Die mit den Seidenraupen tanzen”
Cologne.io:”Powerriegel von Swarm Protein Insekten To Go”
Köln Magazin:”Start-up überzeugt mit einem Fitnessriegel aus Insekten”
fuer-gruender.de: “Diese Geschäftsideen hat vielleicht bald jeder zum Fressen gern”
IHK plus: “Einmal gemischte Insektenplatte für zwei”
cologne.io: “Powerriegel von SWARM Protein: Insekten To Go”


1.Platz: 19. NUK-Businessplan-Wettbewerb
1.Platz: WirtschaftsJunioren

Gefördert durch EXIST (1.08.16. – 31.07.17)