Sumteq GmbH

Founding: 2014
Branche: chemical industry
Founding team:  Dr. Alexander Müller, Dr. Roland Oberhoffer, Michael Hoffmann

What we do

Against the background of climate change and constantly rising energy costs, the founding team has developed a high-performance insulating material based on submicrocellular technology. This innovation is to be brought to market maturity by SUMTEQ GmbH, which was founded in 2014. The product provides two to three times more efficient thermal insulation with the same layer thickness. The greatest benefit is in places where little space may be lost through insulation, but an insulation layer is indispensable (e.g. in refrigerators and freezers). An energy-optimised and space-saving alternative is also essential in the building sector to achieve the desired kima goals.

Our vision

A widespread use of our high-performance insulating material and the associated saving of valuable resources.

Tips for those interested in setting up a business

There is no born founder. You grow with your tasks.

Publications in Press Gründer-Akademie
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