Team name: Plastic2Beans
Instagram: @plastic2beans
Team: Dr. Kalie-Martin Cheng, Dr. Thomas Giang, Abiye Dagnew, Robin Kirchhartz, Hanna Kanngießer, Tabea von Keitz, Kirsten Reinders
Branche: Sustainable Trade & Development Cooperation

Who actually says that “saving the world” cannot also be financially attractive? We, Plastic2Beans, at least not!

Plastic2Beans exports high-quality plastic regranulates and regrind to Ethiopia and contributes to the self-motivated development of the Ethiopian recycling industry with a transfer of knowledge and technology.

We avoid the great lack of foreign currency in Ethiopia by buying coffee in the local currency Birr. Direct trade enables us to achieve the best possible margin for local smallholders. In this way we provide Germany, China and Taiwan with one of the best coffees in the world and elegantly solve our currency problem.

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