PlanIT Green

Team name: PlanIT Green
Website: PlanITGreen
Branche:  Product/service
Founding team: Till von Pidoll, Gerrit Vers

What we do

PlanIT Green is developing a take-back system for small electrical appliances that will enable retailers to dispose of old electronic equipment. The consumer is thus given the opportunity to recycle his old appliances in an uncomplicated and environmentally friendly way in everyday life. The recyclable materials contained in the electrical appliances are returned to the raw material cycle with the best available recycling technology – people and nature are thus protected. This is because raw materials that are recycled no longer have to be degraded in an environmentally damaging way.

Our vision

We want to make sense of discarded products. The development of meaningful take-back systems is the guarantee for resource-efficient and responsible handling of finite raw materials.

Our tip for those interested in setting up a busines

  1. Spend as much time as possible on your idea.
  2. To understand a system, you have to change it.
  3. Business models change from time to time – Don´t Worry