Facebook: Mydaylivery
Branche: Logistik, Transport, Shareconomy
Gründungsteam: Arunn Rajendram, Tim Merscheid, Michael Wilmes

What we do

We are the innovative ride for parcels. We want to connect urgent shipments, i.e. parcels that have to arrive at a certain time on the same day, with private persons who drive this route at that time anyway. Secured with an evaluation system, a reinsurance company, GPS and personal data of the private person as well as a VideoIdentification procedure. We are transparent! We connect sender, private courier and recipient in such a way that everyone knows WHERE WHEN. If this is not enough, the parties can safely exchange information or agree on a new destination for the parcel.

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Our visiom

We want nothing less than changing the whole logistic market. Most of the cars we see have just 1 driver, they are basically empty. Studies found out that 70% of the capacity in cars go unused. We want to change that by giving people the opportunity to bring packages alone. That is how we garantee to lower the CO2 emission and relieve busy streets.

Our recomendatiosn for upcoming entreperneurs

You can go back at anytime to the point where you are. Try everything, think in all directions and trust in yourself. Everything you need will be provided.

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Questions to MyDaylivery

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