Team: Malte Hendricks, Rasit Güven, Fritz Fried, Sebastian Kleinschmager, Malte Lantin
Branche: PaaS (Platform-as-a-Service)

Local. Loyal. LOLOCO.

We love life in Veedel and the shop around the corner – that’s why we at LOLOCO have set ourselves the goal of giving local merchants, service providers and stationary shops the opportunity to finally catch up with large retail chains and online trading when it comes to customer loyalty. With a motivated team in Cologne and Essen, we are developing a fully digital customer loyalty system that can be used quickly, without high entry barriers and above all cost-effectively in various industries.

From stamp card to LOLOCO

LOLOCO is more than just the digitization of time cards. With LOLOCO you collect valuable LOLOCoins, which you can redeem for attractive rewards, vouchers and discounts from your favourite shops. Find new shops near you, get rewarded for your loyalty and support your local trade.

Your way to digitalization

LOLOCO (Local Loyalty Coin) is a fully digital and individual loyalty system for local service providers, restaurateurs and retailers, which supports them on their way to digitalisation. In addition to strengthening customer loyalty, the stationary stores gain valuable insights into the structure and purchasing behaviour of their customers, in addition to an intelligent, automated marketing tool for campaigns and customer acquisition and recovery.

We, the LOLOCO team, are looking forward to active support, feedback and contacts in every respect. We are looking forward to your mail to

Interview with LOLOCO

How did your startup come about?

Malte Hendricks: Our startup emerged pragmatically from a practical project at the University of Cologne. My co-founders Fritz Fried, Rasit Güven and I got to know each other. The vision of our project was to see the small, local trade, which is finding it increasingly difficult to compete with the big players, in a stable and competitive market position in the future. The passion for small, local shops – the classic aunt Emma shop – was already deeply rooted in all of us. The project, as part of our business informatics studies, then added our IT component

When the university project came to an end, our enthusiasm for the topic was so great that we decided to bring our idea to the market and pursue our vision further. At that point, we received support from the business community. Together with our practice partners Sebastian Kleinschmager and Malte Lantin, we have grown into a strong team.

What advantage do you offer companies?

Malte Hendricks: The solution that we developed to improve our Achieving this vision consists of a Software-as-a-Service solution. We developed a digital loyalty system that brings dealers and customers closer together. and creates customer loyalty. The whole thing works via an app in which the end customer accumulates loyalty points in his favourite shops, which he can then use against to exchange premiums. The company, on the other hand, is provided with data evaluations and specific recommendations for action, on the basis of which it is possible to targeted marketing can be planned and switched. The small retailer who has little time and personnel capacity, can be informed about the use of our App to automate its marketing activities. The presence in our app contains the advantage of new customer acquisition.

The networking of all dealers simultaneously results in the biggest advantage: we create access to Big Data! This possibility remains have so far mostly been reserved for large companies and groups.

What next steps are you planning?

Malte Hendricks: At the moment we are close to our pilot phase. First we will test our concept with about 20 dealers from the north of Cologne. Here we want to test possible hardware as well as our software. The apps for dealers and customers must also be tested for their usability. We hope that the discussions and feedback loops with the dealers will provide us with a wealth of information that will help us further in terms of user-friendliness, dealer and end customer wishes. After the test phase, our solution will be introduced throughout Cologne and then expanded step by step.

The interview was conducted and gratefully provided by Mike Schnoor from the DigitalHub Cologne, which is an awesome cooperations partner of the Gateway start-up service.