Founding year: April 2014
Branche: IT Solution Provider for the Food Retail Industry
Founding team: Christoph Müller-Dechent

What we do

As a solution against unnecessary food waste at the transaction level of retailers and consumers, FoodLoop provides the first cloud-based online platform to automate and market products near the sell-by date in real time via our connected smartphone app.
The aim is to significantly reduce avoidable food waste in the retail sector, provide consumers with transparent prices and, above all, promote a sustainable value chain.

Our vision

FoodLoop is convinced that the major food brands and retail chains in particular need to rethink and be creative in order to set a positive example for both their employees and consumers.
Our long-term goals are very ambitious: The vision is that by 2020 all supermarkets in the world will be equipped with FoodLoop, that all stakeholders will fight together against food waste, that they will optimize their inefficient batch management and that they will conduct authentic marketing.

Our advice to those interested in founding a company

Base your business model on realistic assumptions or: Solve a real problem for your potential customers!
Founders should be fully committed and passionate. A pitch cannot be practiced often enough. If you want to be successful, you not only have to practice, but also work hard and smart.
The participation in idea and founder competitions alone are indispensable teaching hours for young entrepreneurs: On the one hand, awards confirm, especially at the beginning of an idea, that at least a certain circle of supporters approve of the idea and the degree of innovation.
There is the so-called “Mom test”, which says that mothers in particular make their children believe that everything they do is great. At competitions, on the other hand, you get real feedback from experts and submit your idea to an initial reality check if you have not already validated the need for the new solution in advance (which every founder should do!) through customer interviews.

Publications in the press”FoodLoop – App gegen Lebensmittelverschwendung
Wirtschafts”App gegen Lebensmittelverschwendung””App gegen Lebensmittelverschwendung”

Supported by EXIST (01.04.2014 – 31.03.2015)