Team: Alexander Krawinkel, Dominik Stiegeler, Kira Hülsdünker, Benedict Höger, Maurice Klaffehn
Industry: Life Sciences

FIMO – a solution for fatigue patients

People with diseases such as cancer, multiple sclerosis or myalgic encephalomyelitis often suffer from fatigue, which massively affects their quality of life. Depending on the severity of the disease, viability can drop to as little as 10% of the original level of performance. Fatigue is a clinically relevant exhaustion that does not improve significantly through sleep or relaxation and occurs disproportionately to previous cognitive or physical activity.

For this reason we are developing a data-based solution for fatigue patients. With different devices we measure relevant vital parameters (pulse, HRV, sleep, etc.) and environmental parameters (light, noise, weather, etc.) of the patients. In addition, our own app contains various questionnaires and cognitive tests, which are filled out by the patients.

With the help of this everyday data and the use of artificial intelligence, we want to help those affected to better understand their individual fatigue and not to exceed their own stress limits in order to reduce fatigue. In addition, we want to prove and track the benefits and effectiveness of various therapies and medications.

We are an Exist University spin-off from the University Hospital Cologne and also work together with other research partners such as the University of Bonn or the University of Witten-Herdecke as well as with partners from industry such as Merck or Samsung. We are currently conducting a first clinical study with MS patients to test and further develop our prototype.

FIMO – Press review