You have the questions – We have the answers!

Questions, questions, questions … They are becoming more and more instead of less. We have listed some of the most frequently asked things here. Still can’t find an answer to your problem? Then contact us and we will try to help you!

1. Does the GATEWAY or the University of Cologne have rights to the idea if a business idea becomes a start-up?
No, the GATEWAY as a contact point for interested founders is only responsible for advice and support during the first phases of a start-up. Shares or rights in the idea thus belong 100% only to the start-up or the founders.

2. How do you know that reasoning is right for you?
There is no “bucketlist” that can be processed to answer this question. A foundation is an adventure with many ups and downs! It is important to have the desire to implement a business idea with passion.

3. Is the GATEWAY barrier-free accessible?
Yes, it is. There is a minimum step at the entrance. If a visitor is dependent on a wheelchair, we are all happy to help.

4. Are students eligible for funding if they are founded during their studies (BA/MA/PHD)?
You are only eligible during your studies if you have completed at least half of your studies. This case may only occur if the other co-founders have completed their studies.

5. How do I apply for financial support?
Join us at GATEWAY. Our consultants are experts in this field and offer you detailed support. University spin-offs can be accompanied through the entire application process.

6. I have no experience with business administration/no previous economic knowledge. Can I still start a business?
Yes, previous economic knowledge is not mandatory. A start-up usually consists of several people. It is a big advantage if the founders come from different fields.