Enactus Teamfoto 2019

Founding: 2012
Mail: info@unikoeln.enactus.de
Website: www.unikoeln.enactus.de
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Enactus is one of the world’s largest international student networks with the goal of improving the world through entrepreneurial projects.

Enactus stands for three important principles:

Entrepreneurial spirit guides the actions, learning and helping of the participating students

Enactus is actively involved and wants to change the world positively.

The globally active organization is based on common values and actions.

Since its foundation in 2006, the university group Enactus University of Cologne has grown steadily and now consists of about 108 members of various courses of study, who are currently working on two projects in cooperation with 16 Advisorn.

Social BnB:

SocialBnB is an innovative platform that connects social homestays and tourists in Southeast Asia. The aim is to create a continuous and donation-independent source of income for NGOs and aid organisations in Southeast Asia.


The KaffeeSeife project makes it possible for people with disabilities to pursue a meaningful activity in the long term. Our coffee soap is in harmony with nature. The palm oil-free recipe based on olives and coconut oil is supplemented by processed coffee grounds, which are then reused for other purposes. Thus, our soap promises a natural peeling effect without the use of microplastics, so that your skin is vitalized and deep cleansed.

Café without words:

Café without words is the world’s first gastronomic event agency employing hearing-impaired waiters. “Café without words” has meanwhile developed so strongly that it is run as an independent “Social Start-Up”. Through our events we want to make it easier for deaf people to enter the world of work and promote the exchange between hearing and hearing-impaired people.


TouchingPoints trains visually impaired people to become masseurs and offers them a safe workplace.