Founder: Torsten Hardiess
Branche: IT-Service, Educatio

What we do

We believe that humanity faces unprecedented challenges due to environmental pollution, overpopulation, artificial intelligence, nanotechnology, etc., which can only be solved collectively and on the basis of social competences.

It is therefore our aim to support as many people as possible in developing the necessary skills such as collaboration, empathy or compassion.

In order to achieve the highest possible impact, we therefore develop effective tools that enable a worldwide community of trainers (teachers, trainers, coaches, consultants…) to provide the best possible training to help their participants develop their social skills.

In specific terms, we do this:

  • Digital tools to make didactic and methodological knowledge available and usable for everyone, regardless of income or origin
  • Tools for collaborative training development
  • Digital tools to make training more sustainable
  • Methodical and didactic tools for designing effective measures
  • Training for trainers for personal development