Team name: dynAmaze
Website: www.dynAmaze.de
Industry sector: tourism
Team members: Pétur Müller, Jasper Klimas, Timo Gerth

dynAmaze – accompanying you in your free time

Your free time is close to our hearts. That’s why we at dynAmaze have made it our mission to make your free time with your favourite people as easy as never before.

For you this means more time for free time instead of annoying organisation and for our partner service providers more satisfied customers, higher workloads and long-term sales increases.

More time for free time

With dynAmaze you can quickly and intuitively find the right leisure activities for you, connect easily and uncomplicatedly with your friends or cool people from your city and book your selected leisure activity together via dynAmaze. You can also save a lot of money by using attractive offers when the service provider is underutilized.

High Customer Satisfaction For Service Providers

On the other hand, our partner service providers benefit from an innovative, digital and efficient sales and marketing channel with which they can dynamically adjust offers and prices according to demand, thus gaining new customers and optimizing capacity utilization.

Inspiring People & Empowering Businesses

dynAmaze combines the most important leisure-related functions for both end customers and service providers on one platform. Through more efficient planning, organization and booking of leisure activities, end customers can save up to 93% of their time with dynAmaze. On the other hand, service providers increase their sales by up to 40% through dynamic capacity optimization and efficient new customer acquisition.