Industry: lockout service
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Team members: Eike Bollmann, Dawid Schimmel, Ataelahi Aslam

doorami – Door openings at a fixed price

There is hardly a sector that has to struggle with a worse image than locksmiths. One constantly reads about cases in which unsuspecting people had to pay exorbitant bills of up to 1,000 euros after they had sought help from a locksmith. It becomes clear that in their emergency situation they are being ripped off by fraudulent companies in cold blood. There is in fact no case of a door opening that in any way justifies prices of this amount. We too have had to hear a few such stories in our own communities, so it was clear to us that something must be done about this. So we set up a start-up where the customer in his emergency situation can easily request a door opening, either online or by telephone, which is then carried out quickly by a local locksmith at a fair and listed fixed price.

Simplicity and transparency for customers

In order to realize such a startup, it was crucial for us to realize at the beginning that of course not the entire industry practices the fraudulent strategies. It is rather a matter of “black sheep”, which unfortunately exist in large numbers and which therefore drag down the image of all services. For this reason, it was important for us to develop a catalogue of criteria that our partner key services have to fulfil and which gives us the certainty of working with fair partners who place a high value on customer satisfaction. With doorami, the person concerned can now book a door opening at a binding fixed price, if he or she is in the stressful situation of a required door opening, very conveniently online or via hotline. A local locksmith who has accepted our terms and conditions is sent directly to the customer in order to execute the order conscientiously and in accordance with the specified conditions.

Digitisation and image improvement for the industry

The locksmith industry has a lot of catching up to do in the area of digitization. Many local locksmiths have either no or insufficient online presence. In contrast, the fraudulent services have discovered the Internet for themselves and have established a strong presence there. With doorami, we relieve our partner services of the laborious work of digitization, which is beyond their expertise, and allow them to be part of the Internet through our platform, offering a service that places the highest value on fairness and transparency. In this way, an image improvement goes hand in hand with the online presence now available. As more and more orders are being processed online in the age of digitalization, it is crucial to have a presence on the Internet. This is exactly what we offer and this in combination with the targeted promise to treat customers honestly and fairly.

doorami – press review:

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