Catch Talents

Team Name: Catch Talents
Industry sector: SaaS/HR
Team members: Justin Bous, Marco Verhoeven, Verena Jung

What We Do

Catch Talents brings personality to every application.
We develop a recruiting tool as SaaS that offers the unique combination of data-driven recruiting with an intelligent matching algorithm, an application wizard that can be integrated on the company’s website and high-reach active sourcing in a talent cloud.

Our Vision

We have made it our mission to quickly find new colleagues and employees who really fit into your company.

For this purpose we develop an innovative recruiting solution especially for small and medium-sized companies. For the first time, we combine an applicant management system and an associated talent community with a candidate sharing approach.
The goal of our software is to solve the core problems of recruiting personnel in SMBs (time required for pre-selection of applicants and lack of reach of tenders due to lack of awareness).

Companies simply integrate our applicant management system on their website. With just a few clicks, a job advertisement with the desired requirements and personality profile is published directly on your own website.

Candidates from all channels can now apply using the integrated form. At the same time, our intelligent matching algorithm searches the connected talent community based on the requirements. This talent community is filled by all company users and with potential candidates as well. Candidates who are not accepted in the application process are then given the opportunity to apply for further positions in the network. In this way, each company benefits from the greater reach that can be achieved together with other companies.

In addition, we have developed our own personality analysis (ISA – Individual Strength Analysis), which can be carried out within a few minutes and is therefore specially designed for use at the beginning of the application process. This means that not only the professional, but also the personal suitability for the respective position is assessed during the application process. Applicants are thus presented in a clearly arranged ranking right from the start on the basis of their fit, which significantly reduces the time required for pre-selecting applicants – with advantages for both sides, recruiter and applicant.

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Our advice to those interested in founding a company

Believe in yourself and your idea, but stay flexible and allow change.

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