Athletic Sports

Team name: Athletic Sports
Branche: Sports
Team members: Marlon Montini, Simon Giacomo

What we do

Athletic Sports works together with individual athletes and teams in the field of injury prevention and performance optimisation. Amateur athletes have a particularly high risk of injury due to mostly unconscious deficits. This leads to reduced performance and higher susceptibility to injuries such as strains and muscle tears due to mechanical overloading of shortened/weak muscles with low elasticity. We analyse movement patterns by the means of sports motoric tests. Based on this, we develop individually adapted training concepts.

Our goal

To compensate muscular dysbalances (imbalances) in a targeted manner and thus to minimize injury frequency among amateur athletes. This basic fitness and mobility is the basis for athletic stress and the promotion of increased performance. First move well, then move often – be an athlete first!

Our vision

In the long term we want to sensitize amateur athletes to body awareness – as a contact partnert and with digital access to knowledge that can be applied individually in the future.

Our advice to those interested in setting up a business

Make decisions and pursue them with focus! Analyze, improve and adapt all business-related processes.