Product: Algae Gin, Algae Shots
Industry: Functional Food
Team members: Arne Maercker, Dennis Prausse, Jan Zaabe, Laurids Maercker und Constanze Hübner

ALGENFELS and the multi-talented microalgae

At Algenfels everything revolves around microalgae and the sensible Utilization of these unicellular organisms. Microalgae are not about the algae that bug you on the beach in the summertime. Microalgae are microscopically small, unicellular organisms that have an enormously high potential of nutrients and ingredients. One Microalgae species is the so-called „Chlorella vulgaris“. The Chlorella algae contains substances essential for humans, such as Vitamin B12 and unsaturated fatty acids. It is also very rich in Proteins. In times of overpopulation, overfishing and the accompanying need for alternative, richer and preferably plant food sources, we consider microalgae to be one of the most leading and trend-setting food.

Our Products

Our first product is ALGENFELS Gin. Probably the first gin with microalgae, in which the microalgae „Chlorella vulgaris“ is used as a main botanical in the burning process. It is not only used in the distillation process, but can also be added in powder form when creating your drink. The result is a delicious summer drink. To live up to the already mentioned advantages of microalgae in the food sector, our next product will be a (non-alcoholic) vitamin B12 shot. It covers the daily vitamin-B12 requirement of an adult and is also vegan. However, this should not remain our only product! Our goal is to bring so-called functional food and algae-based lifestyle products to the grocery stores so that everyone can benefit from the excellent qualities of microalgae.

The Story behind ALGENFELS

The idea to create a gin arose from our partner startup Phytolinc, which is also represented by GATEWAY Start-up service. Besides the optimal production of valuable microalgae species, Phytolinc is constantly working on innovative products from the exciting unicellular organisms. The ALGENFELS Gin was initially only intended as a Christmas present for partners, supporters and friends. However, the idea of making microalgae accessible to the general public as a sustainable food source quickly developed.


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